Intro: Who I am and What this blog will be about

Intro: Who I am and What this blog will be about

Hi I’m Val and I’m owner and placenta encapsulator of The Feel Good Company Placenta Encapsulation. Besides being a placenta encapsulator and a mom, I’m an artist. I love working with my hands and creating. Really this is the cord of my being. Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved working with my hand and making or building things. When I was a kid I’d take my toys apart just to put them back together and I loved doing arts & crafts. I was always outside build stuff and getting dirty.

I used to record images onto film as a photographer, but that form of expression is dormant or it’s hiding….well to tell you the truth I’m not sure what’s wrong with it, it just doesn’t want to come out to play. It’s been like this since the moment I found out I was pregnant. Currently, my main forms of artistic expression are glass blowing and placenta encapsulation.

I’m also dyslexic, the areas that it affects me the most: reading and writing. It uses to bother me, but I think that it contributes to my artistic abilities so I love that about myself. I’m also crazy, neurotic, extremely emotional and a little obsessive compulsive…..again all characteristics of an ARTIST. So it’s cool with me. Oh yeah….I also love gardening and baking, these 2 things help calm the demons inside.

The Placenta Fairy’s Chronicles is a place where I will talk about Placentas: how much I love them and how amazing they are, parenthood and the stigma surrounding it “that it’s the best time of your life”, and mental health.

Thank you for your support and love. Please feel free to email me if you would like me to discuss a specific subject.

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