You’re Hemorrhaging!….Start Pitocin Stat!

You’re Hemorrhaging!….Start Pitocin Stat!

Hemorrhage (as defined in the Webster Dictionary Medical): to bleed in a very fast and uncontrolled way.

Pitocin is the synthetic form of oxytocin. Pitocin is generally used in two ways: 1) to induce labor, and 2) to augment (speed up) labor. It is also give to stop hemorrhaging.

A few weeks ago I found myself in a labor and delivery room before placenta was born. This never happens as I ask to be contacted once baby and placenta are born, but in the particular case I was contacted when baby was born as the staff was telling the family that placenta needed to leave the hospital grounds as soon as it was delivered. As I waited, the doctor enters the room to deliver the placenta…YAY! Placenta was born shortly after.

Doctor: “Start pitocin!”

Mom: (in a very calm voice) “No thank you”

Doctor: “Well you just hemorrhaged, so I think you need pitocin”

Mom: “No thank you, I don’t want pitocin”

Doctor: “Well fine, but you’re going to hemorrhage a 2nd time. Is that what you want?”

Mom: “But I don’t want pitocin doctor”

Doctor: (in a very aggressive tone) “OK…well…fine then, you’re going to hemorrhage a 2nd time, but if you hemorrhage a 3rd time I’m going to have to give you (and he started listing 5-8 different meds that he was going to give her), and that could result in a very bad outcome.

Mom: “I don’t want pitocin!”

The doctor leaves the room.

Last I remembered it’s normal to bleed after birth. Is there a difference between bleeding and hemorrhaging? If she was hemorrhaging as badly as he was leading to believe, why did he leave the room?

At this point I’m feeling bad for the mom, the doctor gave her no options. It was simply pitocin or you’re going to die type of thing, so I gave the mom another option. I remember when taking my placenta encapsulation workshop the woman teaching it told us the if a woman was hemorrhaging after birth she could eat a small RAW piece of her placenta and that it would instantly stop her hemorrhaging. I shared this info with the mom and told her that if she wanted she could ask the nurse to cut a small piece of the maternal side of the placenta, so she did, but the nurse said she couldn’t do that beacuse it would be a liability. So I did what any normal person would do in this situation and I ask the mom if she wanted me to rip a piece of her placenta off and feed it to her. The mom said yes and I did. I left immediately after. An hour later, I texted the mom to find out how she was doing and she reported that her “hemorrhaging” instantly stopped and that she felt fantastic!

Know that there is always an option. Do your research. Doctors and medical staff sometimes use words that can exaggerate what’s really going on. If you know that, then you can make the right decision for yourself instead of based on fear. Sometimes pitocin is needed, but most of the time it’s not. Here’s a link to info on pitocin

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