A documentary about placenta consumption is coming to fruition…. “American Afterbirth: A film about an incredible edible organ”! Primary tabs

Recently, I came across some very cool information about a project that is being spearheaded by Eddie Lim (A Los Angeles food blogger/Chef) and it’s all about Placenta Power! Oh, how exciting this is going to be (seriously, The Feel Good Company is jumping for joy). This film looks to breakthrough the scene with a great story and insight of the Placenta arts/Placentophagy phenomenon.

If you’ve consumed your placenta and have reaped the benefits or if you are a midwife/doula that believes in Placenta Power, now is our chance to contribute for a fantastic cause (not to exclude anyone, we encourage everyone with a giving heart to contribute https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/placenta/american-afterbirth-a-film…). The goal is reachable and worth backing 100%. American Afterbirth will be a documentary sure to ignite the masses about a growing sub-culture that believes in the healing benefits of placenta consumption!
 This film is exactly what every “soon-to-be mommy” needs to see, a positive spotlight on an organ that at times gets overlooked as waste. Much like the story of Jordan Thiering, A mother in Mississippi that fought for her placenta because the Hospital she gave birth at considered the organ “medical waste” and even argued that the placenta was the Hospitals property and no longer the mothers upon birth (the full story of Jordan Thiering will be part of the documentary).
Bravo to Eddie Lim (Producer and Subject), Aleksandra Evanguelidi (Editorial Advisor), David Frank (Director) and Peter Stuart (Producer) for stepping out to accomplish a note worthy task of bringing to the center stage…
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