When you gotta go, you gotta go….

When you gotta go, you gotta go….

Did you know that baby could have their first bowel movement during labor, before birth? Health care professionals refer to this as Meconium, the dark green substance forming the first feces of a newborn infant. Baby could release meconium for varies reasons such as the baby experiences stress during labor or baby goes over 40 weeks gestation.

What is meconium? Meconium is made up of intestinal epithelial cells, lanugo (thin, soft, downy hair), mucus, amniotic fluid, bile (a dark green to yellowish brown fluid, produced by the liver) and water. Doctors Rapport S, and Buchanan DJ (1950) The composition of meconium: did a study that examined what meconium made up of and they found that it’s made up of mucopolysaccharides (a long chain of sugars) and small amounts of protein.

So, how or does this affect placenta encapsulation? The answer is quite simple, NO, meconium does not affect nor is it a contraindication to having placenta encapsulated…. encapsulation can still be done!! For some reason, unknown to me, some doctors, but not all, refuse the release of placenta when meconium is present at the time of labor.

Know, with that said, we do take every precaution we can to keep mamas and their babies safe because we do not want any one getting sick. After being notified that baby and placenta are born, one of the questions we ask is, was meconium present during labor? We want to make sure we have all the proper information before picking up placenta. If the mama has chosen RAW method of encapsulation during our consultation, we would switch to TCM, placenta is steamed, just as an added layer of protection. We dehydrate placenta at 165 degrees, bacteria cannot survive at this temperature, so between the steaming of placenta prior to dehydration and the dehydration temperature, placenta is 100% safe to consume.

What to do if meconium is present and your doctor is refusing the release of your placenta? Fight for your placenta!!! Stay in touch with us (or who ever is your encapsulator) so that we can support you and provide you information to facilitate the release of your placenta. We have saved placentas from going to pathology because meconium was present and have encapsulated hundreds of meconium stained placenta and have NEVER had any reports of adverse effects….only happy mamas benefiting from their placenta.

You only get 1 placenta, so fight for it!!!

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