Nurturing Our Child’s Connection With Nature

Nurturing Our Child’s Connection With Nature

We are in the thick of summertime and unplugging our children from the tech-time that they are basking in is priority #1 if you wish to nurture your child’s connection with nature. Unless you live somewhere in rural America, it’s not easy to step outside of your back door and explore the wild. The heat is upon us and even though an air conditioned environment sounds fantastic for both parent and child, finding yourself immersed in the sounds and sights of nature can expose us all to one of the most important types of medicines that we can tap into, it’s all around us! 

Living in Los Angeles can offer a variety of trails to hike through from Griffith Park, Hollywood Hills and both Santa Monica and San Gabriel Mountains… The wild is calling but we have to unplug from our day to day and step into it with our families for a deeper kinship, a dosage of what we can say is our birth-right to be adventurous. There is so much goodness for our children to be exposed to as it pertains to the wild, from boosting creativity to creating a physical and emotional attunement within, through nature. These patterns that we live in can be very chaotic, not just for us as parents but for our children as well. Whether it be all the emails that we have to answer, responsibilities for work or all the activities that our children are enrolled in and the tasks that they have to upkeep on a weekly basis at home, the rhythm that we are operating in can use a softer harmonious tune for our souls that only nature can provide. In the same way that the attachment theory proves that we all need a healthy relationship with our mother’s and father’s from the very beginning in order for us to have a healthy foundation for growth, the same can be said about a healthy attachment to nature. That’s something that I’ve enjoyed most about introducing my child to frequent visits to National Parks or nearby National Forests/Preservations and even domestic hikes in the aforementioned areas around us, and it’s watching her mind quiet down and seeing something deeper happening to her when we are out there, it’s as if she taps into who she is as a person, seeing that spark of what her place is in this world and watching her play with the idea of higher potential makes me glow as a parent.

But make no mistake, if engaging with the elements of the natural world is something  you want to do more with your child, exploring nature to their fullest may take time for them to get excited about. That’s where the work comes in, being able to navigate this experience with them and making it enjoyable requires a lot of checking in with yourself first. Setting a family intention to make it fun helps exponentially and sharing why these intentions are important to each family member can strengthen the experience of the trip. Also, communicating the fun that awaits by making the conversation about your trip very magical is part of the fun, after all, your child loves magic so set the tone by speaking their language. Many things that have worked for us in the past when setting off on an adventurous wilderness trip align with some of the great ideas that are shared by the good folks at Tinkergarten Click Here. The options are endless when we open ourselves up to whimsical fun that awaits in the wild, from “hunting for joy” to “potion-making”, Summer is here so let’s encourage our young ones to trade a screen-time for green-time! 

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