About The Feel Good Company

The Feel Good Company Placenta Encapsulation was started by Valerie Rosas and Henry Garcia with the experience of preparing and consuming Valerie’s placenta after the birth of their baby girl, Scarlet Fig.

The Feel Good Company before ever becoming a part of the placenta encapsulation community was a name that Valerie and her partner Henry use to refer to themselves as. They noticed that when they were together people would gravitate towards them with amazing energy and it was the energy that they produced together that would bring out good feeling vibes from others.

Placenta consumption was introduced to them through their doula weeks before giving birth; all that the doula told them was that consuming placenta would help prevent baby blues and postpartum depression. For Valerie that’s all the information that she needed to know, preventing any kind of depression was key for her. Shortly after giving birth Valerie started to feel symptoms of baby blues and hours after Henry encapsulated her placenta she started feeling back to “normal”. At first, Henry was the one preparing placenta for women, since he’s a chef by trade it made sense, and in October 2012 Valerie prepared her first placenta and she experienced an overwhelming amount of joy knowing that what she was doing would help the woman in her postpartum recovery in the same way Valerie’s placenta helped her.