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Henry Garcia grew up in Los Angeles and is an inspired, curious and playful parenting coach. Henry is dedicated in bringing parents together to provide a safe, supportive space for healing, transformation through a mindful approach of parenthood. Henry Garcia is a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach, Founder of The Feel Good Parenting Program.

Henry specializes in working with parents that yearn to consciously embrace their role of motherhood or fatherhood as a sacred act, parents that see this way of life as a practice, and are willing to do the work required of them to feel the reward of connection, while also providing workshops on various parenting topics throughout the city of Los Angeles and across the US.

Henry’s passion to support mothers and fathers first began with his parenting journey and his desire to connect with his daughter. Firmly believing that in order for us to lift up the positive vibration in our world, as parents, we must begin with raising compassionate, empathetic and attuned children.

Henry Garcia, CPC

Why work with Henry?

I blend tools from  Positive Parenting Paradigms and Brain Science. The Feel Good Parenting course provides a solution-oriented approach focused on connection, mutual respect and identifying your kids underlying emotional and developmental needs. Many have the misconception that positive parenting is also “passive” parenting but this is not the case with our approach, rather, it’s about bringing kindness and identified family values together and inviting your kids to discover what they’re capable of.

Brain Science Studies are focused on your model of the world and how it shapes your family relationships and experiences. I incorporate these studies to support you in shifting core beliefs that aren’t serving your goals, as well as identifying verbal (internal and external dialogue) and non-verbal communication to align with the parent you want to be. To put it another way, working with the limitations in your thinking, which directly affect the limitations in your behaviors.

I combine practical parenting tools, cognitive psychology research and personal experience to guide you to feeling confident that your everyday choices with your kids to ultimately parent on purpose.

Feel Good Parenting Program

A Few Topics That We Will Cover:

  • The Dominant vs. Peaceful Parenting Paradigms
  • The importance of Emotional Intelligence
  • The Brain Science behind learning behaviors
  • Using consequences & punishments vs. clearly defined values & expectations
  • Being in conflict with your child vs. going through conflict in partnership with your child
  • The Importance of playful parenting
  • Generational parenting patterns and how to identify them

The Feel Good Parenting program is a personalized, reframing, 10 week practice which includes weekly telephone sessions, access to valuable content, audio recording, and intimate assignments designed to provide parents with tools which will allow them to become fully present for their children, especially during unavoidable times of rupture; conflict.

This unique process is based on the principles of building mutual respect between parent and child understanding each other as human beings, through practicing empathetic responses and setting an environment at home with the belief that children should express their feelings and needs freely and have their voice free from criticism, judgment or fear of disapproval.

By genuinely listening without judgment and creating a safe space for discovery, together we will journey into the latest research on brain science, emotional intelligence, and child psychology/development, in order to do away with time-outs, struggle for control, punishments, and fear based parenting techniques that may have short term success but do not serve the sustainability of your relationship with your children.

So here you are… ready to step forward and courageously seek a relationship of deep connection with your children. A relationship that does not rely on Dominant Parenting Paradigms because you feel it in your core that attempting to control your children does not work, you envision a relationship that is upheld by understanding, respect, gentleness, empathy and forgiveness.

A therapist is very different than a parenting coach. Although having a parenting coach can be therapeutic and healing, the focus of a parenting coach is to identify specific accomplishments, plans, action steps and thought processes to help you move towards achievement of those goals. If you want to process deep seated issues, a therapist would be a better option to create your emotional healing. However, if you want to focus on specific and identifiable family changes, such as doing chores when asked and less yelling at home, and you want to make an internal shift in doing so, having a parenting coach with you each step of the way may be of more value.

Having friends and family can be a phenomenal resource, and yet for some it may seem limiting or leave you feeling judged. In that case, the essence of a parenting coach can give you a reliable and safe outside resource always within reach through phone or  e-mail.

Although we would talk about your children, generally parenting coaches don’t work with children. I would support you as the parent to work on any issues you’re having with your child(ren).

All sessions are once a week and about one hour in length. The Feel Good Parenting course is a 10 week program, results are 100% dependent on your commitment and desire to explore alternative parenting strategies with myself supporting you throughout (also see response to next question).

The short answer is yes and no.


The long answer is:

  • Yes, I can guarantee exceptional customer service, parenting tips, researched tools, and support to help you find meaning, success, and peace within yourself, as well as a connection to build with your child(ren).
  • No, I can’t guarantee, for instance that your child(ren) will do everything they are told or you will know everything you need to know about being your ideal parent, because this guarantee depends on many factors, one major one being YOU. It is YOU who is the driving force to make changes, and it is I who would be there each step of the way providing you with the significant, challenging and important internal questions to ask yourself to re-power yourself to move forward towards your goals

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